The development of an IP portfolio is extremely important for your company in order to protect your own inventions from imitators, i.e. to ensure the protection of your relevant business areas.

A consistent and strategically considered IP portfolio will increase the value of your business, as IP rights such as patents and utility models are independent assets that can be licensed, bought or sold and higher prices can be achieved for protected products.

Another important point is the protection of your scope of action. A good IP portfolio is one of the best ways to prevent a competitor from filing a patent application for your invention and thus blocking your freedom to operate. The reputation of your company is strengthened. A large patent portfolio serves as proof of your company's innovative performance and generally provides a good basis for cooperation negotiations. For young companies, such as start-ups, a strategically designed IP portfolio is essential in negotiations with investors.

We not only apply for a patent for your ideas, but also offer you a complete consulting service for all your intellectual property rights.


We advise you on the patentability of your invention and assist you in selecting a search strategy.

We support you in the concretisation of not yet fully developed ideas.

Based on your inventive concept, we will draft a complete patent application for you.

With the help of our international network of colleagues, we can handle the prosecution of your patent applications worldwide.

We offer you our help in the search for cooperation partners and exploitation possibilities for your invention.

Together with you, we will identify the core of your invention and elaborate a basic patent as a basis for building up your IP portfolio. Furthermore, we analyze possible potentials which can form the basis of new patent applications. We help you in identifying markets that might be economically relevant for your products. We also monitor and analyze the patent situation of competitors and advise you on strategic approaches.

We provide you with brief expert opinions as well as full Freedom-to-Operate Analyses (FTO) regarding third party rights.

We advise and support you in licensing negotiations and are at your disposal when it comes to evaluating your IP portfolio.

We advise you on procedures if a competitor infringes your intellectual property rights, but also on defense strategies if you receive a warning regarding the alleged infringement of third party rights.